Free Services / Teas & Others

We can serve you many types of teas while charging your smartphones using PC for free ,or looking at stunning photos.

Planning & Maps

Although search engines and some valuable websites enable you to find the right way to get to your destination, it is still a one way guidance and to select the next destination is still tough. We recommend a one-day itinerary in accordance with your interests and situation and provide you with your custom-made maps and transportation-instruction maps with which you can avoid missing the right bus stops and stations. Our expert advisors also give you useful commentaries of your destinations. You can get these whole things at a low price beyond grabbing lots of other free brochures.


If you feel not to go around anymore and have some time, we encourage you to go up the steep stairs (we call it Ninja Stairs!) to the 2nd floor where you can enjoy a quick Japanese Culture Experiences with our staff members. Experience it yourself is always the best way to know different culture. But it can be troublesome for tourists to make arrangements to do it in a short stay. Here, all you have to do is to challenge the stairs and come into our special room.


For your good memories of Kyoto, we sell souvenirs which you can easily carry back to your home. One of them, we call it “Memories Jacket”. Ukiyo-e, photos, and other Japanese traditional goods are packed into the Record Jacket size.

Yukio Kuze