Experience Japanese Culture!

No Reservations Required!
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If you have already seen the beauty of Japanese arts and culture, you would sure be interested in what it is and how those were made of. Experience it yourself is always the best way to know different culture. But it can be troublesome for tourists to make arrangements to do it in a short stay .
Here, we will provide you a short and fun experience of Japanese culture WITHOUT RESERVATION . All you have to do is to come to Kyoto Kiss. Tourists travelling alone or waiting for partner or mates on shopping are welcomed. Of course, if you want to enjoy it with your partner, mates and families, you can use our 2nd floor, "Takien-an(Experience room).

Woodblock print class:

Wow! Experience the magic of multi-color Woodblock print.

Woodblock printing is one of the Japanese traditional method of printing books and images,Ukiyo-e is the best known type of Japanese woodblock art print. Enjoy the art of multi-color woodblock printing during your stay in Kyoto!

Woodblock printing experience:

Yusuke Nayuki

1,000yen/ person (20minute)

Calligraphy class:

All you need is Calligraphy! Easy and Fun Shodo.

Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) is a form of artistical writing of Japanese language. Let's learn how to use brush with inkstick and make your own black and white art form. Discover the spirit of Zen thought during your stay in Kyoto!

Calligraphy experience:

Javier Azana

1,500yen/ person (1hour)

In case of difficult condition, we would appreciate it if you could call us before coming