Kiyomizu-dera Temple

(清水寺、Pure Water Temple)
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Morning at Kiyomizudera Temple

Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the most popular places in Kyoto. The name comes from the pure water of a small waterfall near the main hall. It is said that drinking the water brings you some luck. The temple was founded by monk Enchin in 778 and soon became an important pilgrimage site. It was rebuilt in 1633. Although the main hall is a huge wooden structure, no nails were used, including its 13 meters high stage.

Kiyomizudera Temple in winter


The view is always spectacular but a great number of maple trees and cherry trees around the temple compound make it look just amazing during their season.  

Entrance gate

It is always unbelievably crowded with people so if you have a chance, try to get there early in the morning to fully enjoy this wonderfully panoramic spot. It opens at 6:00 a.m. and it is absolutely empty and quiet. If you are lucky enough and it is snowing, do not wait a second and go there right away. The reward for overcoming the coldness is literally priceless. A few days ago, fortune finally smiled at me and I had the opportunity to see Kiyomizudera Temple covered with snow. Trust me! Nothing can beat it.

The Main Hall with stage

This is the 13 meters high stage. There used to be a tradition of jumping off the stage so that the wish of those who survived would come true. It seems that quite a lot of people actually did it and even survived. Jumping of the stage is not allowed anymore.

This is one of the starting points for your way to Kiyomizudera. It is down on the sidewalk.

Around Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Just going there is already a very beautiful experience. You go through the very old area full of traditional houses where you can enjoy the flavor of old Kyoto.

Yasaka Pagoda (八坂の塔)

Yasaka Pagoda with Kyoto Tower

Stairs at Ninenzaka. The myth says that you should be really careful because if you slip then you will die in two years.

Just follow this street to Yasaka Shrine and enjoy the atmosphere. This is one of the nicest walks in Kyoto.

Kiyomizudera and its surroundings are exactly the place you will not want to leave anymore. It will completely absorb you and you will definitely spend hours by taking pictures and walking around, discovering the new and new things. This place will surely fulfill your expectations.