Wara-tenjingu Shrine

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When you visit Kinkaku-ji temple(金閣寺), do not forget to drop in Waraten-jingu shrine. Though so close to a very busy and noisy Nishioji Street(西大路), the shrine itself is kind of secluded and therefore spared from all the rush going outside. So when you enter the shrine complex, you can just calmly enjoy this sacred place. The only thing that will keep you company will be the silent whispering of ancient cedars, standing majestically around the shrine like devoted guardians from the ancient times.

Waraten-jingu Shrine history goes as far as to the 9th century, playing chiefly the role as a guardian deity of easy childbirth and well-being of one´s family. That is why you can see many pregnant women visiting the place. They are either praying for the safe delivery or thanking for already born child.

Like in any other shrines you can also get Omamori (お守り) - special amulets and charms for luck and protection - as well as Ema (絵馬) - wooden tablets for prayers and wishes. Of course in this shrine, the connection with pregnancy is obvious. There is also Amazake (甘酒) - sweet and non-alcohol drink made from fermented rice - ready for the prayers and each month on 9th a small tea room is offering Ubu-mochi (産餅) - rice cakes for the safe delivery of child. Last but not least is an unusual Obi (帯) - usually a sash for traditional Japanese dress, but here, it is something like pregnancy sash for a whole day wearing to support your belly and keep your child safe.