Kibune Jinja Shrine

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The Water’s God Shrine

The best way to go to Kibune-jinja Shrine is from Kurama-dera Temple(鞍馬寺). You first go in the forest of the mountain and go along the path that shows you the nature of Japanese mountains. Enjoy the sounds of nature and the centenary trees that are all along the path. Last time I came here was in summer. It was crowded, people were enjoying the Nagashi Somen (cold noodles placed in a long flume of bamboo) on some platforms placed over the river. But not today. Today was calm. All the platforms from the river were not there and only a few people were visiting the mountain. So you could enjoy a nice walk up to Kibune-jinja Shrine. I got to Kibune-jinja entrance stairs. Both sides of this stairs were decorated with traditional lantern wood posts. Before entering the main gate you have at the right side of the stairs a small path. Sometimes in this path right close to the shrine, some restaurants put a small tent and sell some good food. But not today, today it was still not the season for having lunch outside.


At last, I came to the inside of Kibune-jinja Shrine. It was almost empty. First thing I did was to go up to the higher part of the Shrine and buy fortune paper. Kibune-jinja’s Shrine fortune paper is different from the rest of the Shrines. The fortune paper or Omikuji will only show you the fortune message after you dip it into the water, thanks to the magic of the Shrine’s God, the water God.

After I dipped my Omikuji in the water, I went farther up in the mountains. There are more parts of this amazing shrine hiding in the woods. The last one is called Okunomiya. There, we will learn about the legend of this Shrine. It is said that the Water God, Okami-no-Kami went up in the mountain with her boat and decided to stop her journey at Okunomiya. You will see a pile of rocks covering what it is supposed to be the place where the boat is hidden.