Anraku-ji Temple

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Camellia at Anraku-ji temple

Step down the stairway of Honen-in Temple turn left, and in few minutes, you will meet another stairway. This is the entrance of Anraku-ji Temple. This temple is open irregularly. Entry fee is requested. It is worth to stop by to have a peek through the simple thatched roof gateway and take a nice photo of the garden. Anraku-ji was built to remember the two disciples of monk Honen(法然). They were killed because they embraced Honen’s new doctrine of Jodo, which was not accepted at that time. Also they converted two court ladies of the Emperor to Jodo and made them nuns. It is said the Emperor Go-Toba was very upset about, and exiled Honen and executed the two monks.

The stairway of Anraku-ji

Details of the external wall

The garden from the gateway

Take the first street on the right side going down the hill, and you will arrive at Philosopher’s Walk. Turn left to continue your exploration at the foot of these beautiful Eastern Hills. Walk until you will find a wide bridge. From here you can have a short visit at Ootoyo Shrine. 

The bridge and typical stone lanterns. Follow the street to the shrine.

Ootoyo Shrine

The main shrine

Mice are worshipped

Monkeys too.

And birds.

The foxes shrine.

And snakes too!

After finding all the animals worshipped here, and having a relax time, go back to the Philosophy Path and turn left to continue your way to Eikando and Nanzen-ji Temple. From Silver Temple to Eikando and then Nanzenji Temple, the canal of Philosophy Path will accompany you. Not only during its peak with cherry blossoms, but in all the seasons you will meet here your philosophy, as probably did the 20th century philosopher Nishida Kitaro, who used to be absorbed in his thoughts while scrolling here.