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The monkey’s kingdom

Not everything in Kyoto is just Temple or Shrine. Sometimes we have a chance to go to some amusement parks. There is one in Arashiyama that I keep a really good memory of it is “ The Monkey-Park”. It is located in front of Togetsukyo Bridge in Sagano District also known as Arashiyama.
First time I arrived at Kyoto I went directly to Arashiyama. I had never been to Kyoto before and I didn’t know what kind of city it was. So when I walked the entire road to the top of the Monkey-Park and saw the views I was astonished. I couldn’t imagine that Kyoto city was so baste. I thought it was a small traditional city, but that day I knew it was not only that.


The Monkey-Park is an amusement park built on a mountain. A lot of people think that this park is all about the monkeys, but I always recommend it because of its views from the top. Also the walk to the top of the mountain is nice. You have some letters than inform you about the monkeys. About not showing them any food, or not looking directly to the eyes. Also there are some kind of quiz in some corners of the path that teach you about monkeys and their lifestyle. The last kind of sign than you can find is the one that shows how high from the sea level are you at the moment.


Also this Amusement park is liked by everyone because the monkeys are free outside while the people have to get into a cage if they want to feed the monkeys. You have a selection of peanuts and fruits for a cheap prize. You can feed mostly the big monkeys, but sometimes when the big monkeys are full of peanuts some small monkeys will come and take your food.


I recommend to everyone as an experience with nature and lesson of mutual respect with all the creatures in the mountain.

Photo & Report: Javier Azaña