About Kyoto Kiss- Visitor Center

Yusuke Nayuki

People often tell me I am weird and unpredictable. Well, I would like to express myself as mix cultured.
I spent my early childhood years in New York.
And luckily my previous work gave me chances to travel to different countries such as Ghana, England, Hong Kong and etc. This gave me an opportunity to feel and absorb the atmosphere and culture of the world.
Now, I am back in Kyoto where I spent my teenage days as a party freak, creating music, designs and space. I learned from Kyoto and local artists, the excitement of creating things and the spirit of trying to be "the only one".
I am eager to study more deeply about Kyoto and its art, and to outsource to the world the New and the Old Kyoto!


Yukio Kuze

(久世 幸郎)
Seeking challenges all through my career, I directed lots of ad campaigns at Worldwide Advertising Agency, instructed and motivated boys and girls at the top Preparatory School, and planned and projected fan events at Pro-Baseball Team.
And finally, I came back to Kyoto where I was born and grew up, and am excited to rediscover the beauty of Kyoto.
I am truly excited to rediscover the beauty of Kyoto and am proud of Kyoto Kiss team members. It is an exciting challenge to create a new business model for inbound tourism in order to vitalize local shopping streets in Kyoto.
I am always eager to connect with people all over the world, especially who are interested in Kyoto, the mixture of deep oriental culture.